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Deborah Davies

Portsmouth recordings

Hello all, Russ has put our Portsmouth recordings onto his CCS youtube channel. They can be found at:

Portsmouth revisited

Deborah Davies <> Sat, 12 Aug, 14:49 (1 day ago) to Irina, Ann, Jennifer, Tj, Mary, Sarah, Jill, Sally, Jonathan, Mark, Amy, Carole, Brean, Colin, Michael, Pamela, Sara, Rob, Sylvia, Joyce, Judy, Ralph, Carole, David, Colin, Richard, Pam, Alan, Dorothy, Linda, Russ, Liz, Martin, Susie, Catherine, Anne, Andrew, Carol, Viola, Bill, me, Mark,, Diana, Joe, John, Claire, Galina, David, Heather, Clare, Paul, Stuart, Pippa, Vini, Roger, evelyn, Tony, Carolyn, Jill, Ella, bcc: Philip Dear friends, Can it really be two weeks since Holy Trinity, or even Holy Spirit, Portsmouth ? I hinted , in an email immediately following our Portsmouth Cathedral weekend, that I considered it to… Read More »Portsmouth revisited